Digital marketing and branding

People's attention is getting more focused on digital media, which can be a good opportunity for businesses as digital media allows for far better advertising measurement and targeting - by choosing the profile of people who will see your ad, knowing how many people the ad has reached and how they reacted to it. We can provide businesses with digital presence - from a web site to social media, tailored to each client and their line of work.

B2B and B2C lead generation and conversions

Energy behind each business is its revenue. No matter how good your product or service is, it has to be brought into the attention of the potential customer and its value shown for the sale to be achieved - we provide the system that allows exactly that. We use Google Ads to target customers with specific interest in type of the product that you offer, social media marketing for more general B2C campaigns, and LinkedIn Sales Navigator to approach the decision makers for B2B sales. 

About us


As a digital marketing company we see our success in making our clients more successful then they already are. We do this by identifying the problems they have in attracting customers, finding ways to solve those problems, and providing them with increased sales and profits in short and long term. Though the methods of achieving that change all the time, the hard currency of our work is always the attention of the customer that allows us to show them the value of your product or service.

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There is only so much time a busy successful person has for exploring a website, so we tried to be short and up to a point. If there are any questions you may have we would gladly answer them, you can contact us on the following form.

Google Ads

Client that is searching for a similar product or service to the one you provide..

is most likely to use Google to find it. Being on top of Google search in organic way is a hard feat to achieve - and web pages with bad ranking on Google are seldom opened. Google Ads is a service that allows ranking on top of Google searches for particular search terms. We provide Google Ads campaigns optimised for your products and services. For today's business people the good thing about Internet is that everyone can use it, while the bad thing about Internet is that everyone can use it. Opportunities are endless, but the competition is endless too. Standing out is crucial. 

Digital marketing and branding

Appropriate web presence..

for most businesses today is a crucial ingredient of success. Most of the information about services and products is searched online, and without good web presence the potential customers and clients will not even be aware of your services, let alone made aware of their value and benefits. 

Social media

If we were to pick the most read "newspapers" today..

probably it would be Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Prices of advertising on those platforms still haven't even closely caught up with the higher value they provide compared to traditional media - a fact that would probably change soon, and a chance that can be taken advantage of while it lasts. Having a good social media presence also requires effort and worthwhile material to capture the attention. We can help you take the bite of social media space.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator B2B

Scaling the unscalable.

With inflation of mass advertising content it gets harder and harder to reach the valuable few that matter for your B2B sales - they are most likely too busy to read your newspaper ad or automated emails. We provide a service of managing your LinkedIn accounts through Sales Navigator interface, putting in daily our time and expertise to reach the right clients for your B2B sales, and do all the boring talk until they want to talk business - with you.



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